A new service was launched in 2015 to simplify the process of responding to the many seasonal Tzedokoh appeals sent by post. It is called Yom Tov Giving (YTG),  is entirely web-based and has raised over £50,000 since inception.

Consider this, when you have to respond to all the Yom Tov appeals by post:
From the donor’s perspective, it takes time to collate all the appeals, select which ones you will donate to, write out the vouchers and post them – possibly having to write an envelope and find/buy a stamp. Even for online charity donation systems, one needs to select each charity separately – a slow and tedious process.

From the charity’s perspective, it takes time for you to collate all the vouchers, to prepare them to send to the voucher agencies, to add them up and provide documentation. This all takes time/effort –and you may also have to pay for the reply paid envelope.  Then you have to wait for the remittance to arrive (assuming there are no refused vouchers).

YTG bypasses all of this and allows a donor to swiftly donate through the YTG facility. At this time it is only available to clients of Achisomoch- AAC  (www.achisomoch.org).
After logging onto your AAC account and selecting YomTovGiving , a donor will see all the charities who have submitted their appeal letters to YTG and will be able to select all the charities to whom they wish to donate to, how much to give each one (and whether it should be anonymous or not), and submit it – all in a matter of seconds. All donations made are added up and then paid directly to the chosen charities.  Everyone wins!

An embryonic service was set up in 2015 and was then used “in earnest” at Rosh Hashonoh and Pesach each year to a large group of donors. The average donation was around £18 and total per donor almost £180. It is in operation again for future Rosh Hashanah and Pesach appeals.

YTG is just one of many similar advanced features available to AAC clients to give grants to multiple charities very simply. For the charities too, there is now a Charity Portal so that they can keep track of all grants online and be totally up-to-date with new (and old) donations from AAC clients  There are many plans to expand this exciting concept into new areas of Tzedokoh giving.

MatzosWho are we?
The service was set by a group of charity professionals in North West London each with an IT background. It is approved by local Rabbonim. For more information feel free to email us at admin@yomtovgiving.org In 2018 a decision was made to integrate YTG into the AAC client online system