• The minimum for an individual donation is £2.00
  • The total of all your donations in any one day should not exceed £300.
  • Once set-up, the cost to run this operation are minimal. When it is operational any surplus funds will be paid to communal charities.
  • The time to deliver the funds to the charity will depend on how popular it is – i.e. how many other payments are made via YTG to that charity. If the total exceeds £100 it will be paid within few days – otherwise it will be at the discretion of AAC, but it is anticipated that it will be much less than a week.
  • All charity appeals may be considered for YTG, providing a) there was a postal appeal for this Yom Tov and b) the payments is to a London based charity.
  • YTG is currently operating only for holders with an Achisomoch charity account.  It is intended to take onboard other charity account companies.

See our FAQ for more information.