yeshivaThis FAQ is divided into 3 sections: General, Donors questions, and charity questions

If you have a question that is not on this list, please do email us at admin@yomtovgiving.org

A. General Questions

1. How long does it take for the money to arrive?
When a donation is made on the web it normally takes between 1 day and 1 week – depending on the size of the donation. For larger amounts (more than £100) AAC will attempt to transfer the money to the charity within 24 hours. For smaller amounts the requests are made to AAC daily  and distributed as close to Yomtovim as possible. One week after Yom Tov the service will no longer be available.

2. Can I find out more about the charities or their specific appeal?
Yes, the ‘make a donation’ page has links on each charity to their web-site (if they have one – or charity commission record) and a copy of their appeal letter.

3. Who is behind the scheme?
It is managed by Yitzchok Katz and Yehuda Wittenberg – you can reach them on admin@yomtovgiving.org or call 07968 090 538. They, in turn, are guided by senior NW London Rabbonim.

B. Questions relating to the Charity

1. What do I do if my charity is not on the list?
Contact YTG at admin@yomtovgiving.org. And ask to be included, Full details of your appeal, your charity number, your email address and a web-site (if you have one) will be required

2. What are the costs incurred by my charity?
It costs you nothing to join!
Since it has been swallowed up by AAC we no longer make any charge for this YTG service.

3. Does my charity need to be registered?
Yes – YTG can only include UK registered charities.

4. Which charities/mosdos are eligible to be included in the YTG list
The following criteria must be fulfilled:

  • They have a postal appeal in operation for the current YomTov (A copy of the letter must be sent to YTG)
  • They have an email address
  • They have an office in London from which the appeal was sent

They will be encouraged to insert the web-address of YTG in their future appeal letters

C. Donor Questions

1. How do I join?
You need to be a user of charity vouchers and a client of AAC to use the service. It’s then very simple – After logging into your account click on the YOMTOV Giving sub-menu on the left.  It is available immediately.

2. How much does it cost me to join or to use?
It costs you nothing to join! The full amount of your donations is sent to the Charity. A small charge may be made to the charity to run the service but it is only to cover operating costs.

3. How do I select a charity?
On the web-site you will see the list of charities who have registered with YTG. It will also contain a link to their web site (if they have one) and a copy of their appeal letter. If possible, we may even put a link to the charity’s entry at the Charity Commission. If the charity you want to pay is not included, then inform us at admin@yomtovgiving.org but it may be faster to  pay them directly via the Make a donation page – you will be able to add a note that its for their KP or RH appeal.

4. Are there are limits on how much I can donate?
Yes. Your donation to any listed charity cannot be less than £2. Obviously you can’t donate more than you have in your account.

5. What happens if I donate more than I have available in my account?
Since there are restrictions on the total amount to be paid, it is anticipated that AAC will allow through (using unrestricted funds) any small excesses and expect you to top it up immediately. If you persist in donating more than you have available, you may be blacklisted.

6. Can I send money to charities outside the UK?
No, this service is available for payment to only registered UK charities and those who send out mail shots before Yom Tov.

7. Can I do it on my mobile phone?
Yes – this was introduced in Summer 2016 – this can be done on your AAC account.

9. What safeguards are in place in case I make a mistake?
When you authorise the payments, you will be sent an email to confirm that the payments have been paid. If you notice any problem you must contact AAC. If you notice withn a few minutes, you will be able to correct it online

10. Can it be used for charities who do not have a postal appeal?
No – not yet. As a client of AAC, you can do that anyhow for amounts of £10 or more with the on-line Request system.

11. Can I pay YTG by cheque?
No – not YTG directly. They do not hold any funds. All (charitable) payments must be made from your AAC account.

12. Do I have to donate to each charity?
No, not at all – if you don’t want to give any charity, just leave it out.

13. Does the charity know that I have given – or can the donation be anonymous?
Only if you don’t click the Anonymous tick box against each charity. They are given only your name and the account number at AAC

14. I don’t have an account at Achisomoch,  can I use this service?
Sadly not. Of course, you can open an account at Achisomoch click here . We cannot currently accept subscribers who wish to use their own charity/trust account – but are working on it.

15. Can I register two separate people at the same email address
Only if they have two separate accounts at AAC

16. What happens if I forget my password?
Simply login with just your AAC account number and click on the “I’ve forgotten my password” option. We will email you your password.

17. Can I see how much I have given to YTG in recent weeks?
Yes, you have an option to display history. You can download this to an excel spreadsheet. We will leave it available for at least 6 months.