How It Works


From the Donor’s perspective:
YTG will be of tremendous benefit if you wish to make a number of smaller donations – typically in response to pre-Yomtov appeals. This service is currently only available to Achisomoch (AAC) clients

– Login  to your account at AAC.

– Select YTG on the side menu, you will then be presented with a list of charities, and will be able to choose how much you wish to donate to each cause and whether the donation should be anonymous.

– When you have completed all the donations that you wish to make, please tick the confirm button to show that you will not derive any personal benefit from the donations. Finally, please click the Make a Donation button.

– The relevant payments are then processed – the details will be summarised and sent to you as an email.

– As with all donations given at AAC, you will be able to look back at your individual donations and see when they were sent for payment. In the comments of the donations it will be recorded that it was given as part of YTG.



From the Charity’s perspective:
All the charity needs to do is to authorise YTG to include their charity details. This can be done by emailing You will be asked to prepare the following items: name of the charity, registered charity details, your website (if you have one) and a copy of the appeal letter that is actually being used.

From then on there is nothing more to do. You will simply get notifications from time to time from AAC that donations have been made through YTG with a list of the people donating, and that the total amount has been transferred by BACS to your bank account!

– No collating vouchers, no preparing them for despatch, no posting, no paying for pre-paid envelopes, no waiting for vouchers to be cleared etc!

AAC’s new charity portal allows you, the charity, to be kept informed of the YTG donations and have access to ALL grants from AAC online. This includes special summary reports, export to Excel and real up-to-date information.

A small charge of around 1% in some cases be made to the charity for handling these requests. See FAQ for exact details


  • The minimum for an individual donation is £2.00
  • Once set-up, the cost to run this operation are minimal. When it is operational any surplus funds will be paid to communal charities.
  • The time to deliver the funds to the charity will depend on how popular it is – i.e. how many other payments are made via YTG to that charity. If the total exceeds £100 it will normally be paid within a few days – otherwise it will be at the discretion of AAC, but it is anticipated that it will be much less than a week.
  • All charity appeals may be considered for YTG, providing a) there was a postal appeal for this Yom Tov and b) the payments is to a London based charity.